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sarah verity

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Are you seeking a dynamic, results-oriented professional to drive your projects and programs to success?
Look no further than Sarah Verity, boasting over 20+ years of invaluable experience in project, product, and stakeholder management across diverse sectors including the private sector and government departments.

With a track record of navigating multi-tier businesses, Sarah brings a wealth of expertise in business product and project management, underpinned by a relentless commitment to delivering tangible outcomes. Her energetic approach, coupled with a customer-centric mindset, ensures a laser focus on achieving commercial success while maintaining a keen eye on customer satisfaction and key stakeholder alignment and its management.

Throughout her career, Sarah has demonstrated a remarkable ability to navigate complex stakeholder landscapes with finesse and precision. Her approach is characterised by a deep understanding of stakeholder dynamics, coupled with a relentless commitment to delivering tangible outcomes. Sarah recognises that effective stakeholder management is not just about communication; it's about building relationships, fostering trust, and aligning interests to drive project success.

One of Sarah's key strengths lies in her customer-centric mindset, which extends to her approach to stakeholder management. She prioritises understanding the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, from internal team members to external clients and partners. By actively listening to their concerns, soliciting feedback, and addressing their priorities, Sarah ensures that stakeholder interests remain front and center throughout the project lifecycle.

Sarah's strategic acumen also plays a pivotal role in her stakeholder management approach. She recognises that each stakeholder brings unique perspectives and objectives to the table, and she leverages this diversity to build consensus and drive alignment towards common goals. Whether it's negotiating win-win solutions or mitigating potential conflicts, Sarah's proactive approach ensures that stakeholder engagement remains a catalyst for project success.

Sarah is passionate, commercial, committed, and self-driven with a powerful strategic bent driven to provide commercial and collaborative outcomes by applying her professional experience, leadership and management skills.

​Core Strengths 

  • Passionate and Commercially Driven: Sarah exudes passion, commitment, and commercial acumen, driving initiatives forward with a strategic edge. Sarah thrives in environments that demand innovative solutions and business-focused outcomes.

  • Empowerment and Collaboration: At the heart of Sarah's approach lies a dedication to empowering teams and their stakeholders, and fostering collaborative environments. Through engagement and integrity, she aims to inspire those around her to surpass expectations and achieve collective success.

  • Certified Expertise: Armed with certifications as a Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Prince2 Agile Practitioner, Sarah can seamlessly integrates agile methodologies with traditional project management practices. This versatility enables them to adapt to evolving project requirements and deliver results across the project lifecycle.

​Key Achievements

  • Value-driven Solutions: Sarah has a proven track record of delivering value improvements and business process enhancements across various domains including finance, property asset management, investment, insurance, and policy. Her adeptness in evaluating and implementing system solutions has consistently propelled organisations towards greater efficiency and profitability.

  • Regulatory Compliance and Organisational Enhancement: Sarah has successfully navigated complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring compliance while driving organisational enhancements through strategic IT solutions. Her contributions have been instrumental in aligning projects with overarching strategic frameworks and achieving targeted outcomes.


  • Certifed Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Scrum Alliance Organisation

  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Scrum Alliance Organisation 

  • Certified SAFe 6 Agilist - Leading with Agility, Scale Agile Inc. 

  • Prince2 Agile Practitioner, Axelos People Cert. 

  • Prince2 Foundation, Axelos People Cert.

  • Risk Mangement and Corporate Governance, CCE Sydney University

  • Change Management for Organisations, CCE Sydney University 

Qualifications & Professional Memberships

  • B.Applied Arts. Design. Fine Arts, College of Fine Arts (CoFA) University of New South Wales 

  • Diploma Project Management, Australian Institue of Project Management

  • Diploma Leadership and Management, OTEN TAFE NSW

  • Diploma Business Management and Marketing, OTEN TAFE

  • Certified Project Management Practitioner (CPPP), Australian Insititute of Project Management (AIPM)

  • Associate Member (AGIA), Governance Insititute of Australia

  • Professional Member, Australian Institue of Training and Development (AITD) 

  • Professional Member, Australian Computer Society (ACS)

Why Choose .... Sarah Verity 

By engaging Sarah, you're not just securing a product project management expert—you're investing in a strategic partner dedicated to elevating your organisation to new heights.

With a proven history of delivering impactful results and a commitment to excellence, our consultant is poised to drive your projects and programs towards unparalleled success.

For unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication, partner with us to realize your project management goals today.

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