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Project Management

Business Solutions & Process Improvement

Energetic project professional with over 15years of project, product, stakeholder management experience through multi-tier businesses - in both the private – corporate sector and public government departments. Passionate, commercial, committed, and self-driven with a powerful strategic bent. She is customer centric and driven to provide commercial and collaborative outcomes by applying her professional experience and project management skills. 

As a skilled project professional with project management and Prince2 Agile practitioner certifications Sarah is experienced with the full project management life cycle (end-to-end) of 8years.

From concept – be it an investment brief, business case, (to) determining the scope of a project - through planning and scheduling, and the delegation of responsibilities for resourcing, (where required – UAT testing) and for delivery and its implementation.  

Through various projects Sarah has managed - she has a proven history of evaluating and providing business system solutions through different business areas such as: finance, property asset management, investment, assurance, business, and policy. Many of these projects fall within areas for meeting compliance requirements, organisational enhancement with IT system solutions, and related improvements in meeting agreed strategic frameworks and related outcomes.

  • Passionate, committed and self-driven with a powerful strategic bent.

  • Track record of success in identifying trends and market opportunities, then executing practical & positive financial outcomes.

  • Applies a collaborative approach to bring the team together to build brand and develop new business. Knows how to structure a business and processes to achieve future growth.

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I am an experienced project & business professional who has spent over 15 years working in roles as a brand developer, production manager, buyer, product & category manager, educator and trainer, and through to internal PMO. Across multi-tier & channel organisations - SME's and ASX listed large corporates, and amongst traditional retail and pure-play eCommerce. 

Most of my career has been spent working in an end-to-end PLM model where I was able to work on a brand, product or process from its inception to its launch and through to 'in-market life'. Following the 'in-market life' as BAU and managing it until 'out-of-season' or at 'quit-life' in a range or business review process. 

From the vendor partner's manufacturing plant - walking-the-floor, to shipping yards, to head office and through to the warehouse and stores.  My time & experience through businesses in retail, manufacturing & production - has seen me work through many facets of the product life cycle and enabled me to understand many areas that are often not considered when implementing a new project, process, and training. 

  One of the key skills I bring to my work is being able to access and advise, from my body of experience, not only in the positive, but also being able to advise where I have seen less than successful outcomes be it due to a combination of strategic, process related tech and people issues.

In 2018, I made the decision to work primarily in a free-lance capacity taking advantage of the flexibility offered through technology. I am available to consult through a number of organisations via both fixed, retainer and adhoc consulting arrangements. As a skilled project professional with project management and Prince2 Agile practitioner certifications I am experienced with the full project management life cycle (end-to-end) of 8years. From concept – be it an investment brief, business case, (to) determining the scope of a project - through planning and scheduling, and the delegation of responsibilities for resourcing, (where required – UAT testing) and for delivery and its implementation.  

This site has been built to provide a snapshot of who I am and some of the key experiences that I believe provide the basis of what I offer. My LinkedIn profile offers another perspective, and I'm always keen to talk through - over the phone - any aspect of what you see here. I look forward to working with you - 

Sarah Verity


I worked with Sarah on a project that she led with with one of our customers. Sarah managed the project very well with good, clear communications and maintained an excellent relationship with the customer throughout. Happy to recommend her services.

Sarah operates at a level far beyond anything expected of the project role for which she was hired.

Sarah competently addressed all requirements of the role and then applied her formidable organisational skills and experience to rescue our most important project from certain chaos. Sarah pulled together stakeholder identification, communications and meeting organisation in an impossible time-frame to ensure their buy-in and cooperation. Sarah is also genius at managing difficult personalities and is an asset to any team. I recommend Sarah highly.

Sarah is a highly motivated team player,outstanding in her awareness and identification of commercial opportunities to expand and extend product lines specific to the brands she services ...

She thinks outside the box,is passionate about her product and excellent at driving sustainable high margin business through her both selection of appropriate new sources along with building and maintaining long term relationships with existing key vendors.....Sarah will be a wonderful asset in any business where pressing the boundaries is a way of life.

Alan Williams

Director & CTO OneBlink  

Paul Greenlees

Senior Project Manager - TfNSW

Daphne O'Brien

GM - Product  & Production - SFG


National Manager - Private Label

GXL Ltd 

Whilst working with Sarah at Petbarn Retail she used her vast experience to launch exclusive brands into the business, which were very successful and improved efficiency and increased profitability.

Through process improvement and developing new ranges Sarah provided a platform to deliver long term results and embed new ways of working. Sarah always demonstrated a very friendly, professional and welcoming personality to all.


Technology Chnage Manager -

Sydney Trains - TfNSW

Working with Sarah on the Sydney Trains Sydney Growth Trains (SGT) project was a pleasure. Sarah's professionalism, responsiveness to tasks and actions, follow up, and high quality of output made the project easier for the entire team. Sarah co-ordinated and facilitated all project team meetings, assisted Project team members with communications, project planning and co-ordination of training and presentation materials and scheduling. Sarah's planning and co-ordination skills contributed greatly to the success of the delivery of the Sydney Growth Trains Project. When Sarah joined the SGT Project team I was immediately impressed with how quickly she came up to speed on the Project Plan, and adopted her responsibilities with professionalism and timeliness. I recommend Sarah in any Project management role she wishes to pursue, and would happily work with her again in the future. 



Downer Australia

Sarah and I worked together on the Waratah Series 2 rolling stock project, valued at $1.7B. She was responsible for preparing the Operational Plans and had to ensure that the details were 100% accurate in order for our Test Trains to operate on the Sydney Trains network safely. Sarah often had to meet tight deadlines to prepare the Ops Plans and faced the pressure of obtaining signatures from all the key stakeholders of Sydney Trains, Downer and TfNSW. She did an outstanding job, always delivering on time, which allowed us to maintain our delivery schedule. I do not hesitate in recommending Sarah and it would be lovely to work with her again in the future.

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 2021- Present
Program Manager 
Interim Program Manager 

Senior Project Manager
Business + System:
Greisen Group Pty Ltd contract

Insurance and Care NSW| icare

Program Delivery, Strategy & Office of the CEO 

Greisen Group Pty Ltd - contract

Delivering business, compliance and technology solution based projects.

Program Manager: (Sept 21 – present)

N2. Nominal Insurer Improvement Program N2 Claims Model, Transformation and Digital Uplift Program;

  • N2.1 Stream: Claims Model - Phase 1 CY22-23/ Phase 2 CY23; May 22 – present and

  • N2.2 Obligations, Risks and Controls CY23 / CY24

Senior Project Manager (Sept 21 – July 22):

N1. Return to Work Performance Program; March 22 – August 22. Compliance / capability -process business led transformation initiatives: 1) Early Intervention – Recovery/ Return through Work Practices; 2) Case Management Practice Uplift Strategy; and 3) Small Employer Strategy; 4) Mental Health Specialist Initiative & Pilot

Nominal Insurer Improvement Program (NIIP) – audit/ compliance and capability uplift: technical, people & process.

Senior Project Manager (Sept 21 – July 22) : N1 Stream – Return to Work (RTW) Capability Uplift.  Project team: 12. Streams 1.2 Case Management Uplift: Sept 21 – May 22; and 2) Stream 1.3 Healthcare Medical Payment Integrity: Sept 21 – April 22

 2020- 2021
Senior Project Manager
Business + System:
ASBITS Pty Ltd contract


Finance Systems & Programs | Group Finance - Statutory Finance & Corporate Services

ASBITS Pty Ltd - contract

Delivering business, compliance and technology solution based projects.

• Project Manager - Digital Forms: Business Cases - digital transformation of hard copy forms, work flow and process within GF&I - Portfolio, investment, strategy & assurance: frameworks & outcome initiatives FY20/21/22 


•Program Manager for PIMS (Property Information Systems) team - project: packages & work stream scheduling, reporting, program support  and management for identified compliance, technical, improvement & migration priority project works

• Project management, governance and delivery - to ensure compliance in the adoption and implementation of new accounting standards FY19-20/20-21 through (RACI) roles, responsibilities, process, policy, and implementation with cross agency stakeholder management for TfNSW - critical high project value. 

• Project Manager for New accounting standards compliance:

- Service Concessions Arrangement ASSB 1059 management and statutory  reporting project, systems and processes.​ Asset valuation and reporting model for Toll Roads - for the private motorway concessions. 

  • • ‘Farebox’ Revenue Collection ASSB 15-  concession services & GST operating service recovery management accounting and reporting project.

• Project management governance and assurance for PM [SAP] Leasing solution ASSB16 review & implementation - across thousands of individual leases - 3 specific leasing stages (incorporating complex diminishing depreciation).

• Business Stream Project Lead for Statutory Reporting & Compliance for 'Finance - Evolving Transport: Business Integration' - representing the SR&C directorate for Group Finance & Investment, TfNSW through organisational change & process improvement - the review and integration of frameworks & policies.
Project specifics:
• Service Concession Arrangements - grantor and operator concession arrangements compliance NAS project (AASB 1059). Project value in multi $B's.
• Revenue Concession Services & GST (Farebox) operating service recovery management compliance and NAS reporting project (AASB 15). Project value in $B's. 
• [SAP] Leasing solution review & implementation (AASB16) - co-project manager remit  +10,000 individual leases, across 3 specific leasing stages.
• Project sponsorship reporting to director level; presentation & steer-co to 'C-suite' level of TfNSW Group Finance & Investment.

ASBITS Pty Ltd Contract 

2019 - 2020

 Process Lead - Business Finance Analyst

TRANSPORT for NSW -  Roads and Maritime Services

Senior Project Coordinator

ASBITS Pty Ltd - contract


Finance Systems and Programs | Group Finance - Program Delivery
Group Finance Program for: Evolving Transport Finance and Business Systems Transformation Project; and Property Optimisation Project RACI policy review & update.
Transformation of agency finance reporting systems to global cluster system.

Skilled Experience in;
- Project control and governance within a large complex environment.
- Stakeholder engagement and communication skills
- Large scale environments, and responsible for multiple projects and work streams
- Program governance and framework - creation, development and maintenance, reporting creation, formatting and distribution.
- Strong working knowledge of the project life cycle. Project standards and methodologies
- Skilled in reporting for large projects, for executive level, steering committee and project control groups, briefing notes and policy documentation review.

Contractor with ASBITS Pty Ltd


Program Jnr. Project Manager

Projects & Reporting - Program Management Office

Sydney Trains

ASBITS Pty Ltd - contract

Contractor: Operational Delivery - Planning & Delivery GPMO:

-Project Controller for PoC 
- FLIR Frontline Incident Response Program: encompassing stand-up for POC NIRT (Network Incident Response Team) & POC ERU (Emergency Response Team).

Future Network Delivery: Digital Systems Transformation Office. PMO Business Development - Reporting Analyst - Program Coordinator
- New program for the digitisation of signalling - replacement of line-side signalling equipment with the latest cab signalling technology.
- Transforming the future of rail in Sydney by changing how the network is managed and controlled, by replacement of legacy signalling and train control with modern, internationally proven, intelligent systems. 

Future Network Delivery Operational Readiness - Rapid Delivery: New Fleet Implementation. Program: Jnr Project Manager - Program Coordinator
- Sydney Growth Trains (SGT) - Waratah Series 2 / B Sets deployment
- New Inter-City Fleet (NIF)
- Tangara Technology Upgrade (TTU)
Directorate - Future Network Delivery (FND) / Strategic Planning, Projects, & Performance (SPPP PMO)

Skilled Experience in; 
- Project control and governance within a large complex environment. 
- Stakeholder engagement and communication skills
- Large scale environments, and responsible for multiple projects and work streams
- Program governance and framework - creation, development and maintenance, reporting creation, formatting and distribution.
- Strong working knowledge of the project life cycle. Project standards and methodologies
- Skilled in reporting for large projects, for executive level, steering committee and project control groups. 

Contractor with ASBITS Pty Ltd

2018 - present 

Consultant - Project & Business Services; Integration & Implementation Trainer

Greisen Group Pty Ltd

Consultant:  short term + contract work .

Greisen Group Pty Ltd - Consulting builds robust consulting partnerships with clients to discuss and advise on the application of technology to grow their business. Solutions can include CRM, mobile, cloud or other relevant technologies.

  • Performing project management and administration on business transformations.

  • Business analysis for change management. 

  • Preparing status reports and business process documentation.

  • Engaging in brand and web development work for clients.

  • Supporting SME start-ups and working on government contracts.

  • Providing vendor contract management and supply agreement negotiation support.

  • Advising on procurement, supply chain and vertical integration processes.

  • Training and coaching clients involved in integration and implementation projects.


Snr. Category Manager

Project Manager end-to-end concept/ product to market


Project Manager end-to-end concept/product to market, scrum host for product tech team.

Introduced OEM products, set up an international supply chain and developed new and successful brands.

  • Led the agile project team of internal stakeholders and reported to the executive group. Internal Project Manager

  • Launched new brands - with packaging, sourcing, supply chain, market launch and promotional plans.

  • Developed supplier relations and attended trade events locally and internationally.

  • Combined retail and online strategies across EDM & CRM journey mapping with digital social marketing.


Category Manager

Project Manager end-to-end concept/ product to market


ASX listed business comprising veterinary clinics and 325 stores.

Project Manager end-to-end concept/ product to market

  • Developed new dog and cat food brands and performed end to end category management. 

  • Launched national store and customer support training programs intrinsic to OEM, exclusive brands & products.

  • Designed and rolled out POS and shelf display promotional materials to reinforce launch programs.

  • Reviewed range and negotiated supply terms for exclusive and standard products in line with business goals.

  • Developed effective promotions to drive sales and profitability.

  • Negotiated vendor supply terms to reduce exposure to risk by reducing inventory levels.

  • Analysed results and reviewed strategy on yearly and quarterly basis versus budgets and forecasts, in-line with in-store space planning.

Consultant - Project & Business Solutions


Project specialist consulting with Retail, Design, Manufacturing - PLM for SME Clients;

  • Buying & Ranging -Merchandise Processes

  • Vendor sourcing & support management

  • Integration & Implementation - trainer

  • Project Manager

  • Living Social: Constructed online shop for fashion footwear and accessories including product sourcing to gain 135% revenue growth month on month.


Design Educator


Design educator & assessor for Certificate IV in Design - adult  students for both in classroom and online delivery


Group Brand & Product Manager


National women’s fashion wear retailer with over 865 retail stores and online stores Australia and NZ and brands incl. Millers, Katie’s, CrossRoads, City Chic, Autograph and La Senza..

  • Managed design and development, sourced from offshore suppliers in China, India and Philippines.

  • Worked with merchandise planners to minimise markdowns, upgrade promotions and maximise margins.

  • Established QA labelling and packing format for accessories for suppliers with brand & style guidelines.

  • Researched market to forecast trends and colour palettes for developing and planning new products.

  • Sourced new products and suppliers and managed their performance re service, terms, price and delivery.

  • Worked with the Production and Supply Chain team to resolve production, delivery and quality issues.

  • Worked with the planners, marketing and brand buyers re price points, colours, sales trends, promotions, store planograms and product ROI in store. Led a small team of production developers in Sydney and Shanghai.

2007- 2008
Product Co-ordinator


Managed kids wear products supply to Esprit stores, David Jones, Myer and independent boutiques nationally.One of the last sole operating fully designed and implemented units in the ESPRIT AU chain. Kids wear product category value in the multi millions of dollars. 


Project Management

Prince2. Agile. MS Project

Business Analysis

Business Process Solutions

Change Management

Implementation + Training

Commercial Negotiations

Vendor Engagement + Procurement

Product Management & Development

Stakeholder Management

IT & Systems Project Delivery

Commercially Focused


Atlassian - JIRA - Kanban, Confluence + Agile


ServiceNow - MyTransport

MS Office - Word. PowerPoint


MS Project - MS VISIO

MS Dynamics 365

MS Excel - Intermediate-Advanced

Pivots + AS400 + Cube Reporting

BI Tools - PowerBI

 RJ Metrics + Periscope.

 Google Analytics + Trends

Sales Force. #Slack. MS - TEAMS.

WIX - web site development. 

HPE Records Management

RM8 (TRIM). Equip.

Access WMS & ERP Systems -

Momentis NSB - PDM, Harmony, SFR, SEAMS, Apparel 21, Movex & MK8

White Structure
June 2021
Prince2 Agile Practitioner Certification + Training

PM PARTNERS -| AXELOS  - Nationally recognised course and certification PRINCE2 and agile methods can interact and be adapted to accommodate each other to benefit the overall management of projects. It will help experienced project practitioners tailor PRINCE2 management controls for agile development.

Diploma of Project Management


Nationally recognised course covering core project management areas - to plan, lead and execute the end-to-end delivery of an organisation’s projects. Guided by the best practice principles outlined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK®). This qualification is endorsed by the Australian Institute of Project Management.


Prince2 Foundation Certification + Training


Issued February 2020. Credential ID GR656141469SV


Diploma of Leadership & Management


Nationally recognised course covering core areas including - managing personal work priorities and professional development, developing and using emotional intelligence, managing recruitment selection and induction processes, leading and managing team effectiveness, managing budgets and financial plans, undertaking project work and facilitating continuous improvement. 


Diploma of Business 

with credit pathways from Diploma of Marketing


Nationally recognised course covering core areas - including planning e-marketing communications, managing risk, managing budgets and financial plans, managing recruitment selection and induction processes, identifying and evaluating marketing opportunities, developing workplace policy and procedures for sustainability, and managing operational plans. 


Certificate IV Training & Assessment


Qualified trainer and assessor. Qualified  to deliver formal training in a structured training environment (such as within a TAFE or Private RTO), provide tailored business training seminars and sessions to groups, one-on-one on-the-job instruction in a workplace environment, (such as delivering one-to-one training to apprentices), conduct workplace assessments and skill audits, as well as coaching and mentoring of staff.


Certificate IV in Design


Focus on Colour & Interiors. Fundamental elements and principles of design.  The Certificate is a nationally recognised course providing the essential foundation studies & skills in design  - such as design techniques, colour application and create designs by applying the creative process. Develop color palettes & apply colour principles, interpret and respond to industry briefs, and preset major project works in spatial & product design. Graduated with Award of Excellence. 


Certificate in Trade Styling, Fashion + Design


Focus on colour, design and styling placement within a fashion industry context. Foundational course on fashion illustration, styling & placement.  Intricacies on how to respond to a trade design brief. Create commercial trade styling folio based on a brand concept launch. Graduated with a High Credit. 


Bachelor of Applied Arts

(Craft Arts.Design.Fine Arts)


CoFA - College of Fine Arts

Graduated with Dinsticintion

Design, Applied Arts & Fine Arts with Major units in Textiles - Design & Chemistry. Sub Major & Electives -  in Jewellery Design, Ceramics, and Sociology.

Professional Industry Memberships




Certified Practising Project Practitioner



GIA small.JPG






AITD logo.png





Above the Clouds


DIA [Associate]






Awarded Sponsorship Incentive 



Fashion & Accessories Trade Fair, Hong Kong PRC from the APLF Ltd HK for Materials, Manufacturing & Technology, PRC.; in conjunction with TCF Australia/ TCF Belmont WA Business Centre. 



Awarded Business Case Sponsorship Incentive


Fashion & Accessories Trade Fair


From the APEC [Apparel Export Promotion Council] The Ministry of Textiles India; in conjunction with TCF Australia/ TCF Belmont WA Business Centre. 



NSW State Group Finalist for casting.


Television show


Granada Global Productions.

Nine Network





for the

Certificate IV in Design

The International School of Colour & Design - ISCD



I made the decision to start freelancing to enable me to service a portfolio of work that best fits my skills, as well as my style of working.  


Whilst many may envisage my life as being a series of short term (and possibly) random jobs my life is somewhat more structured. In any given quarter, my workload is generally comprised of:

  1. Work engaged with consulting organisations for an agreed % of my time e.g. on projects in roles where an FTE is not required. 

  2. Work engaged with consulting organisations to provide specifics skills e.g. agile project support, process documentation, project evaluations, retail merchandise & category evaluations, vendor support & management - contract management and supply terms negotiations, business propositions and commercial analysis, or implementation training on processes - in the early phase of a project for an assigned number of days and ongoing support as required.

  3. Work I directly get through word of mouth or my LinkedIn network

  4. Work in building various business interests I have


As noted above, I have several agreements in place via consulting companies in a direct and or overflow capacity. When engaged via one of these consulting companies I work for I present and loyally operate as a resource for that business, this includes carrying business cards, utilising company email accounts and operating within company guidelines as required.


Apart from standard commercial agreements in place, professionally I do not disclose information between organisations nor engage directly with clients of those organisations.


As a member of the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), the Governance Institute of Australia (GIA) Design Institute of Australia (DIA) and the Australian Institute of Training & Development (AITD) I am obliged and diligently adhere to their professional code of conduct (found here); additionally, I commit to my own professional code of conduct as follows:

  1. Professionally, and ethically, once engaged by a third party, I must and will always represent that client unless agreed otherwise

  2. I will always be clear and upfront as to my commercial arrangements

  3. I will communicate fully and accurately agreements around time and effort commitments

  4. I will not engage in work that requires critical resource availability better suited to an FTE

  5. I am responsible for my own personal and professional development



I select work based on my available capacity as my engagements start/end, speed up or slow down. If I don't have much work coming from consulting companies, I work on building my business interests.


As much as I would like to take on all work offered, my personal capacity (i.e. the limitation of time) means that I cannot, and I will be upfront in politely saying no for both mine and the client's interest.


For those reading this having been referred to me, as noted above I can engage as suits best.

  1. I hold Workers Compensation and Professional Indemnity insurance coverage at current market level

  2. I cover all employment expenses e.g. Superannuation etc.

  3. I am happy to work to a structure that works for both you - the client - and myself

  4. I only bill for the time that I work


P.O Box 964 Wahroonga
NSW 2076 Australia

+ 61 402 304 602

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