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sarah verity

Consulting for Businesses Who want to Achieve Product & Customer - 

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sarah verity


I'm Sarah Verity your ultimate ally in overcoming the challenges that hinder your business's full ptoential and your customer's positive expereince. 
Steer your business toward success with me by your side to help you navigate your journey. Together, we will identify and conquer uncertainties and propel your business and your customer's experience to a new normal.

I am committed to helping businesses be the best they can be through a mixture of contemporary & traditional ways-of-working business management and a customer centric approach solutions.

After 20+years of learning, supporting, partnering, and evaluating more end-to-end concepts and projects than I can reasonably count I enjoy applying all that I've learned in helping businesses and their customers confidently make and plan their own business value strategy outcomes.

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What People Say.

Sarah is a highly skilled project manager with strong communication and leadership skills. Sarah demonstrates exceptional communication skills, keeping all stakeholders engaged and informed.

Sarah's leadership motivates the team to perform to a high level even under challenging circumstances. Sarah effectively manages resources and risks, and responds to change with flexibility in order to achieve project outcomes.

Sarah competently addressed all requirements of the role and then applied her formidable organisational skills and experience to rescue our most important project from certain chaos. 

Sarah is a genius at managing difficult personalities and is an asset to any team.

Sarah's remarkable ability to navigate complex stakeholder landscapes and foster buy-in and cooperation was nothing short of extraordinary.

Despite facing seemingly insurmountable challenges, Sarah demonstrated unparalleled agility and resourcefulness, swiftly assembling a comprehensive stakeholder engagement plan. Her keen understanding of stakeholder dynamics allowed her to tailor communication approaches effectively, ensuring that key messages resonated with diverse audiences and elicited the desired level of support.

Sarah's unwavering dedication, strategic acumen, and exceptional execution played a pivotal role in overcoming obstacles and driving project success. Her ability to rally stakeholders behind a shared vision and foster collaboration under pressure exemplifies the qualities of a true leader.

Empower your business with the right business resource invaluable insights, data-driven solutions and personalised guidance.

Two in the Hand Consulting
provides short-term/interim technical project management and advisory services.
Our consulting services can be provided to fill specific skill gaps or on an ongoing part-time capacity.

provides business agility product and coaching delivery.
These are the nimble ways of enabling successful delivery to the development and progress of your business.
This is quenable.

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